The risks of falling in love online

How many couples have fallen in love online? Probably hundreds, miles…, but how many have had a happy ending? In this case, figures are probably lower, and although no one doubts that love for the network exists and in a very powerful way, There are a number of risks in this virtual love.
De facto, Computer security experts believe that this form of contact with others involves dangers to consider. There are exclusive platforms for such meetings that require a number of requirements to register and interact among its members. In this case, usually more stringent, but what about the chats that connect to unknown in social networks? Experts recommend caution and be very sure before you make an appointment with a stranger.


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We appreciate that Internet favors anonymity, and therefore the same deception. Described as having a taste, likings and specific personality, It is very simple as lying about each and every one of these aspects. Namely, invent a profile is easy, like add a personal photo that does not reflect a true picture of the person behind the image. In these cases, the disappointment of a real encounter can be very large, so it is advisable to request photos of the person before.
Both, the fact of not having a face-to-face contact promotes faster sincerarse. Namely, tend to have details and intimate aspects of life in normal conversation probably would flow later and sometimes they not come to occur. For this reason, experts urge caution and not to reveal very personal issues with someone who has not even had a visual or physical contact.


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If knowledge of another occurs gradually and in moderation are more likely, at least, get to have a safe meeting. Even though, you should always be cautious with such appointments, so it is best if they occur in crowded places and daylight.
The more timid or less social people have found their half oranges through Internet, but this does not prevent use common sense and a series of measures to avoid further unpleasantness. Not to forget that the Internet keeps us know how are the gestures of the other person, the way they look, definitely, everything that brings us face to face meeting and is also important in establishing a relationship.