Because of the population does not report certain crimes

There are several factors which the victim decides not to file the complaint.

Such behavior may be completely different and although the low-income sectors are most affected by the black figure, the problem extends to all sectors of society.

The prominent Chilean jurist Daniel Quinteros in his report to the Secretary for Crime Prevention believes that "The educational level attained by the victims also seems to be a factor that discriminates between the complaint and non-complaint, since those who only reached half or basic education and lower, They have no complaint levels 76,5% and 72,2%, while those who reached university education or post, They have lower levels of black figure to 69%.

This certainly has a correlation with socioeconomic status of victims ", that assessment is my view what is happening in our country having a large projection in the province of Buenos Aires highlighting growth from the year 2001.2 As I understand the complaint or not commonly mentioned as dark figure of crime is one of the great dilemmas to solve, because it is unreported crimes and not give intervention to the judiciary is a sure path to impunity.

While there are no official statistics to establish the dark figure of crime as if crimes investigated and reported it is necessary to determine the problem and the factors of non-complaint then arbitrate from state powers corresponding tools to reduce and eliminate non denunciation by placing in the corresponding research framework seems to me that the grounds of non-complaint are as follows:

a) . Fear of reprisals by the author

In many cases the victim of a crime (where it did not intervene ex officio judicial or police authority) the potential fear of reprisals author represented to his person and / or their relatives.

The main situation in these cases is when the author is known to the victim or has knowledge - by prior intelligence- their movements. The theme to suffer a felony causes the victim to retract and skip filing the complaint.

b) Disbelief in the process of justice

Criminal proceedings in the province of Buenos Aires can not only be extended in time but considerably more than 7 instances in which can move a person accused or defendant causes serious crimes except, such as murder or sexual offenses, spend most freedom joining process that situation to the assumptions referred to in point). Added to that the low rate of convictions in relation to allegations (always on misdemeanors) disbelief increases the complainant regarding the courts resolve a conflict arisen in the past. Loss of time and process demand and the possibility that the offender take greater retaliation in many cases leads to the victim not to report.

c) Distrust of police authority or inability to file the complaint

In many cases the mechanisms for filing complaints at police headquarters make the victim feel victimario. Lack of humanization, containment and understanding makers reported record the complaint the victim believe in coexistence scenarios where information can be forwarded to the complainant offender voluntarily or involuntarily, but anyway the victim without sufficient guarantees for the protection of their physical integrity and fear that the information is filtered, in some cases it chooses not to report illegal.

d) Lack of knowledge of the complaint procedure

There are many crimes as those configured through Internet, among which are, above 48 crimes of our criminal law, where the victim is not aware of the complaint procedure nor have many police stations. Police stations in the province of Buenos Aires are jammed working in prevention and management issues which slow down and hinder making complaints and immediate action to produce proof - which in many cases requires inmediatez-. It is therefore, as discussed in "proposed solutions", that complaints are made directly on the respective prosecution, who must have permanent shifts for receiving complaints and thus decompressing the police officers who must have an essential role in crime prevention.

At this point we should note that the lack of legal representation or express request to urge prosecution as plaintiffs as well as requesting the production of certain tests researchers makes people with low income who dare to file complaints see in disadvantage because for reasons economies are unable to hire a private attorney as a prosecutor.

and). Dismissed by choice of the seriousness of the case

As already stated in previous points in many cases the victim suffered damage represents and compares it to the traumatic passage through a criminal process where the waste of time and low possibility of identifying the author and his subsequent conviction. All this leads to the common expression "that will make a report if all nothing happens". Self-will leads to thicken the blacklist of unreported crime.

How to reduce the black figure of crime or unreported crime:

Restore confidence in the institution is a key point in any individual-state, that confidence allows you to share the depths of the individual causing him to lose the fear of not reporting a fact which has been a victim, also when they witness or have knowledge of criminal acts, question would be immensely collaborative research.

Change the concept of justice in the province of Buenos Aires after decades in which the state tried to allegations, further, as a complication or a hindrance that only serves to accumulate causes bound to file, It is not an easy task. Certainly the spirit of change and transparency that printed the government that took office in December 2015 feeds the hypothesis that recovery or descreimiento broken relationship between the state and the people justice itself as a state power.

The aim of the powers of the state is that the people trust them, although it is not easy after decades where unfortunately distrust of the system has been a reality. For it is clear that the term referred to distrust is not bad officials - that is perhaps only a minority but inexorably system requires an upgrade and modernization in accordance with the times. The goal of the state is to prime the concept of justice and for this demonstration of confidence is a strategic issue to apply. You must cease to be popular the phrase "that I report if all nothing happens", "If I report then come and kill me", "They enter through one door and out the other" or "I better not get involved to see if they do something to me".

This is the thinking instilled in most of society who ruled the province of Buenos Aires for decades, who left underfunded justice, outdated and with an almost equal structure which had 20 years ago without taking into account changes in recent decades. But these strategic changes could not even think or proposed no confidence in the provincial government

The complaint:

Provide people access to the filing of the complaint in containment sites and support - especially in low-income sectors - is the specific factors for the victim not feel alone, It appears from the fears that lead to failure to report and thus can activate the mechanism of justice. The place, the middle, when and as the victim is treated or received by the powers of state plays main ally in the fight against impunity. This process can syndicate as "humanizing process the complaint" must be developed from preventive level through prevention policies, Information and Security-Justice-Housing Solutions for the province of Buenos Aires 13 Training of society, the process of reporting and monitoring of the cause for the case that the victim required to be assisted by a lawyer of "free complaints offices". In this process complaint must be part of Public Prosecutions and even each fiscal research unit directly, ie must have specialized to take the report and even initiate immediate actions substantiating the respective authorization of the investigating judge staff. Thus the continuous complaint hotline within the judiciary and the police officer not interrupted its function acts concerning justice to only engage the area of ​​prevention and flagrancia. For the above, to my mind that the victim becomes aware of who would take the complaint in question it is dedicated and specialized for that purpose, not only gains in confidence, but in a "special area and container".

En resumidas cuentas, the complaint process must integrate the following items:

• Training programs. awareness and information on the procedure for filing a complaint as

• Procedures on line to file an anonymous complaint. URL providing criminal content data for the purpose of collaborating with the authorities • Campaign "zero impunity" and "justice with you"

• Status Notification causes during the process

• Application for cell used as a panic button for victims of crime victims. This app must be connected directly and prepared to act immediately.

• Creation of a force or special division (outside the area of ​​prevention of provincial police) for victim assistance.

The judicial process: The victim is essential to refute the popular principle of "slow justice" or "the lack of positive results of a process" therefore feel supported and informed on the progress of the case as we mentioned in the above revitalizes spirit of trust to denounce a crime as well as inform or report information of a crime which is not the victim. P

or so, without delving into details it comes down is to make the victim feel she is not alone, That's why both the reporting process and the legal aid office complainants elemental form part of the new spirit of justice.

En resumidas cuentas, in the fight against impunity and seeking justice, society has an elementary task to reduce the black figure or non-complaint, through a joint way between state powers and can bring information society as Security-Justice-Housing Solutions for the province of Buenos Aires 14 set. When tuning of all stakeholders is strengthened, the way of the fight against impunity is entirely possible for both the fight against crime can be won. Citizens are a great contribution to this struggle and engage or collaborate is a strategic tool in the fight against crime.

Comprehensive reform of justice , accumulating a 800.000 causes per year, It is one of the most important points to be discussed , as well also

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