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Acta notarial web: What to include and how it should be

The affidavit of a Website allows us to believe con notary public faith content hosted in a web page at a given moment. Since the web content can be altered, the deleted replaced with ease, reliably fix the content appearing in a given url can be critical to take legal action depending on the cases.

actas notarialesACTA NOTARIAL WEB

The lift a acta notarial web help us conclusively prove the unlawful use of intellectual property (texts, fotos o videos), our image processing or data without consent or a crime online (threats, injurias o calumnias, intellectual property crimes, revealing secrets ...).

The notary acostumbrado is to perform proceedings y dar fe del "visu a auditoriums". Thus in the case of a affidavit website we ask you to "see" all the aspects that may be relevant to bringing a claim against the person who caused the damage. Not enough to "see" the web. There has to come a step further. Why remember what the screen shows only the result of the interpretation of a code. The affidavit must respond to the need for digital.affidavit


Information to reflect the notary at acta notarial web:

  • Home Description and Navigation: The notary Determine the time you start browsing, the browser used and identify the device that performs the navigation while performing the affidavit.
  • Write the url of the website which will lift the affidavit. It is important the url that defines the content and not a generic in that it looks contingently (eg should visit the URL of the comment or tweet and facebook is not enough to go to the wall or timeline).Notario Valencia
  • Once at that site must perform the necessary screenshots to reflect all its contents, depending on the length of the web.
  • The notary should open the source code of the page and incorporate it into acta notarial web.
  • The notary should ping the server url for the location and accommodation.
  • The notary should conduct a review of the route server connection so you can be credited to the server communication.
  • If there is content that can not be represented graphically in the screenshot, such as for example a video, you must make a copy of such content and keep deposited with theaffidavit.
  • Finally you must specify the end time of navigation and attest all.


As seen here explained to, despite the fact that el affidavit is a legal remedy, to be fully effective when it comes to internet content must meet technical and information requirements. It is therefore important to have the right advice technology law and thus to facilitate the work to give the notary affidavit.

Source : http://www.abogadoamigo.com/acta-notarial-web/


Acta notarial web: What to include and how it should be


Acta notarial web: What to include and how it should be