Condena por Grooming and Argentina ?

Conviction for corruption of a minor who harassed individio nests with fake Facebook profile.

Clarification: To our knowledge, IP does not mean a person's identity but only nro. Connection assigned by the ISP companies to their customers. This service can be used by hundreds of people, there is no lack of duty of care customer ISP, when not taking safety precautions such as access control, key or identification of terminals for multiple computers. Many users have open wi-fi, as easy to detect calves, allowing the wi-fi signal with the IP assigned to the client is also used at the discretion of third parties.

That is why they are essential to incorporate more evidence as to set illicit information, logs, and seized material break-ins.


In your profile, It was called Sole, of 10 years old. But it has 26 Necochea and a court gave him ten years in prison. In his computer they found links with 70 children around the country and many perverse Videos. Spain asked to investigate to participate in a forum pedophile.


6/06/13 – 18:49

He said it was called 'Sole', I had 10 years and her angelic blonde photo was his business card in the Messenger and Facebook. However, his true identity era LNF, of 26, He lived in Zárate, and He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption of minors. The victim was a little girl of 9 years Necochea, although in the computer of the accused they found above 70 contact hundreds of boys and perverse Videos: "It looked to tots about 8 years she is having sex with a naturally as if they had 30; there were violations and even pictures with babies ".


The Criminal Court No. 1 Necochea who yesterday was sentenced 10 years in prison to Fragosa to find him criminally responsible for the offense of "promoting corruption minor compounded by the age of the victim and his commission by deception".


Necochea case for which he was convicted Fragosa which worked as an operator in an automotive- it started in 2010, when a girl dad warned the content of messages received her daughter 'Sole'. "I wrote 'would make' something or other and that this or that were sexual matters. Something very serious ", explained from the Attorney General to Clarion.


The father of the little girl made the complaint, an expert report on the family computer and so ordered It occurred with the IP (something like DNI machine) the suspect. It was discovered living in Zárate and ordered a raid on his home and compulsa (expertise) the notebook Fragosa.


They found videos sexual content: footage of babies having sex with each other, with higher, of rape. Some were very violent and other involved even babies ", They note from the environment fiscal Analía Duarte, who during the trial he had claimed Fragosa penalty 13 years old considering that this is a crime of danger diffuse in which there may be "countless victims and all are under".


It's more, in computer convicted were also found that 'Sole' He had contacts with, at least, 73 boys (several provinces and the Capital), plus the baby for the cause began. And that, también, Fragosa participated in forums pedophiles.


And at that point, now also it investigates Fragosa in the National Justice -for a request from Interpol Spain- to participate in an international forum for pedophiles where images of child pornography were exchanged.


In Spain, the ‘Grooming’ It is punishable by law. What is the 'Grooming'? It is defined as the "Deliberate actions by an adult in order to establish ties of friendship with a child on the Internet, in order to obtain a sexual satisfactionby erotic or pornographic images of minors or even preparation for a sexual encounter, possibly through abuse ".


The 'Grooming' has several stages. First, adult generates atrusting relationship with minor. "Through a social network, They are posing as boys. After, followed by la de la relación erotización either you are saying things that would make or less known and not duped, sending him photos or videos ", They are gleefully in the Office of Necochea.


And they warn: “Then, comes the part where the greatest asks photos, saying something like 'show me the tail'. And it will tone up the order until they reach the point extortion to send you more plays photos and, later, as they fall barriers inhibiting pedophile, moving from the virtual relationship to real and abuse occurs; and even child trafficking and trafficking”.


Fragosa He is in custody since 2012 and, after conviction, It was referred to criminal Bataan, although his lawyer has already submitted the book to appeal the decision on appeal.

Source : Clarí


Art penal code Argnetino. 125.- Which it promotes or facilitates the corruption of under eighteen, even with the consent of the victim shall be punished with imprisonment of three to ten years.-

The penalty is six to fifteen years of imprisonment or imprisonment when the victim is under thirteen

Whatever the age of the victim, the penalty shall be imprisonment or imprisonment of ten to fifteen years, the case of deception, violence, threat, abuse of authority or any other means of intimidation or coercion, as if the author was ascendant, spouse, brother, guardian or partner or responsible for their education or care person.-

(Note: Text under law Nº. 25.087)