Computer crimes are called "crime of the century" because all activity tends to be increasingly a relationship to computer. Thanks to her mode of life of the inhabitants of the land has been simplified from a simple communication to major social networking business or clarifying crimes.

The most common crimes generally are configured only by internet : defamation , slander, fraud , attack or violation of privacy , usurpation of person, condoning crime, crimes of sexual connotations as harassment, extortion and unfair competition , among the best known. Obviously effects of these actions described can lead to conflicts of civil nature, criminal or international if the case requires. But poor legislation that exists in Argentina and Mercosur more difficult procedure and evidence in the field conduct an "information request", but to reach fruition. However our legal team was technical , lawyer , Programmers , systems engineers and specialists in social networks is a disposition to help .

A professional team is essential to treat sencibles issues as cybercrime , for it is not just a matter of bringing an action but also to trigger the search for evidence to clarify situations , besides finding of illegal actions produced in cyberspace that produce legal effects in civilian life .

Lawyers Migliorisi account technical and specialized legal team to defend their interests are affected by crime on the web.


Stanford Project to Combat Cyber ​​Crime and Terrorism

Of Budapest Convention on Cybercrime