Diego F. Migliorisi


Dr.. Diego Fernando Migliorisi

registration CPACF: volume 108 folio 914
Bar of the judicial department of Zarate – Bell ( T IV folio 83).

Diego F. Migliorisi is director of Migliorisi Attorneys. Lawyer specialist informatic and real estate law . He is enrolled in the Bar Association of the Federal Capital (CPACF) and the Bar Association of the judicila Zarate-Campana department .

He is a member of prestigious international institutions like the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP), the IABA (FIA) ,American Association of Private International Law (ASADIP) , member and contributor to the Latin American Studies Association (let)

He is also a member of the prominent International Technology Law Association (ItechLaw) and American Society of Comparative Law.

In 2013 , junto con un destacado grupo interdisiplinario fundo Argentina Association to Fight Cybercrime (AALCC) non-profit organization aimed at assisting crime victims through Internet , training and prevention . AALCC represents the section of civil society organizations of the OAS .

It also integrates the Association of Realtor (NAR) , Unique and Realtors Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CUCICBA).

Advisor on Public Safety in national and international companies and contributor to major sporting and social foundations.

With over 15 years of experience in the property market, it became a lawyer specializing in real estate law and author of various works related to law and real estate, as "The real comparative" or "Holiday in the World".

He is a researcher and analyst of different legal systems of the world and the effects of various geopolitical situations.

In 2014 He participated in the World Technology Law Conference organized by the International Technology Law Association in New York City and attended the Book “Informatica y delito” International Association of Criminal Law.

In November 2014 public "Crimes on the Web , crimes of XXI century” a book that offers a particular vision and practice of computer crimes where advanced analyzes of cybercrime in today's society and new crimes of the XXI century.

In June 2016 He presented his recent book” Internet profunda ” this work deals with the issue of freedom of expression ,la censura ,anonymity in cyberspace as well as the great popular movements that emerged from social networks . The work is totally free access in ebook form and can be downloaded www.internetprofunda.com.ar

In 2018 public Ciberbullying , the beleaguered company ( www.ciberbullying.com.ar) and in 2019 Grooming , Silent Harassment.

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