EE.UU. use the old diskettes to protect its nuclear security and prevent hacking

This week it was revealed that a unit of the U.S. Army uses old technology and analog phones to communicate with the outside.

Drones, by Kevlar, the homing missiles: always the Army U.S.It has been a driving force in the development of new technologies, after a while, They are spilling popular consumption. However, for different reasons not all of these technological achievements permeate manage complex security systems of the armed forces in the north.

This week, a group of journalists of the program 60 minutes visited a base of the Air Force and found that technology used to control the nuclear arsenal It is somewhat outdated, in light of how we deal today. The report is shown that information concerning missile defense and its management still It operates diskettes “8, those bigs, flexible and square.

On the other hand, the comunications among the most sensitive areas of the base, those concerning the nuclear arsenal, and the rest of the world still It is done on analog telephone line, the pulse.

The reasons behind this “technologically backward”, as they reported by respondents of journalists, It is precisely national security. These technologies not only They proved to be highly effective over the years (facilities date from the years of the Cold War, around the '60 and '70), but, also, obsolescence outside the base ensures that they are impossible to hack.

On the other hand, this facility are based in Wyoming “Safe Internet”, ensuring that there is no chance of being hacked or receive some form of malware.