El fraude ‘Telexfree’ makes 50.000 Spaniards have lost their savings

The scam 'Telexfree' has caught some 50.000 Spanish. They relied on a company that offered to 300 euros per month for copying and pasting ads on a web page. Yes, to have this income, had to pay just over 1.000 euros to enter the business. It is modeled after a classic Ponzi scheme.

Above 50.000 Spanish han perdido sus ahorros en una estafa piramidal. Antonio Rivas is the pioneer in Spain, from Cordoba, who before becoming the Spanish brain of this fraud was dedicated to the melodic song. His specialty: las bodas… a 350 euros el evento.

Fraud is global and suma 730 million Worldwide. The mirage of easy money is behind this example of a classic Ponzi scheme. Los nuevos clientes de ‘Telexfree’ paid up 1.050 euros por entrar.

El dinero servía para pagar up 300 Monthly euros a los clientes que ya tenía la empresa. For that he acquired, necesitaba que la pirámide siguiese ampliándose. So, to infinity. Had two ways to generate income and you create what they call team, namely, cheating more people.

Los expertos explican cómo la gente confía en promesas de returns up to 235% annual. Spanish thousands affected are preparing a class action presented in coming days.

See also the video : http://www.lasexta.com//videos-online/noticias/economia/fraude-telexfree-hace-que-50000-espanoles-hayan-perdido-sus-ahorros_2014070700085.html