The first cause for computer damage came to trial

A former employee of a Cordovan firm is accused of attacking its system. The Public Ministry stressed the importance of reporting such events

First, The Córdoba Justice will judge a woman for a computer damage case against a Cordovan company.

The case was investigated by the investigating prosecutor in charge of the Specialized Cybercrime Prosecutor's Office, Franco Pilnik, and will be judged by the 12th Chamber of Crime of the city of Córdoba.

According to the instruction, the employee of the company Telemercado SRL entered in different opportunities, without authorization, to the company's computer system and proceeded to delete essential files from the company's database, in order to completely break the system. With that, caused disuse, for a while, of the IT system for customer relationship management (CRM).

As could be proven in the case, the attack was intended to sabotage internal recertification processes of its ISO quality systems 9001-2015 with the IRAM certifier (acronym of the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification). The event was quickly identified, isolated and detained by company personnel, by closing access to the server, changing keys and blocking by external IP addresses. Also, a backup was created to be able to resume the activity and -in particular- the recertification process.

Although the actions allowed to resume the activities of the company, the attack was consummated, therefore this - through its management- decided to make the corresponding criminal complaint.

Consultado por Trade and Justice, the prosecutor Pilnik explained that during the investigation it could be shown that "the accesses were made through the defendant's own mobile device, which - along with other devices- it was analyzed by personnel from the Forensic Technology Office of the Public Prosecutor's Office ". Dicho trabajo se llevó adelante por medio de distintos allanamientos, performing a live analysis and - subsequently- in digital evidence laboratory.

The judicial official clarified that the recovery of more than 95 % of the deleted data that was stored on the defendant's devices and highlighted the importance of reporting this type of incident: "Although exposing them can undermine the prestige of the company, It was demonstrated that having an information security management system that allows addressing these types of incidents, reducing their consequences and being able to make them available to specialized judicial bodies, has its fruits and, conversely, increases the credibility of a company in the responsible handling of its information ".

Pilnik regretted that the penalty provided for this type of crime ranges from 15 days to a year in prison. "There is no proportion between the damage caused and the penalty", remarked.

So things, the woman could agree to an abbreviated trial and, possibly, face a claim for damages if the company decides to report it in the civil jurisdiction.

The sorrow

  • Shall be punished with imprisonment of 15 days to a year that I will destroy, in the use, make disappear or in any way damage a movable or immovable thing or an animal, totally or partially alien, provided that the act does not constitute another crime more severely punished.
  • The one who alters, destruction or disuse of data, documents, computer programs or systems; or will sell, I will distribute, circulate or enter into a computer system, any program intended to cause harm.

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