What to do if we are victims of insults or threats in social networks

Social networks are, among other things, a means of expression and are given increasingly greater number insults, harassment threats.

Maybe the person doing such acts with impunity to think lie behind a pseudonym, avatar o nick, but actually it is possible to identify the person behind these facts.

There are some guidelines when we have been affected by any of these behaviors or they have attacked our image, honor o intimidad. There are a total of five points that come to give advice but also behavioral prevention.

1. Is it an insult or a review? In subjects such as politics or sports answers from other users are often abrupt and is easy to misunderstand what others are telling us. By the fact that someone has an opinion different than yours should not take his reaction as an insult or disrespect.

2. If you have detected an insult, cut all communication with that person. It discutes, all you get is exacerbate the problem. Never respond to other insults.

3. Acquire evidence. Valen screenshots or photographs of threats or insults. Serve for future use in a court and also facilitate the identification of the author. Call a scribe and request a record of finding the URL libelous ( where social networks would also : https://www.facebook.com/abogados.migliorisi?hc_location=timeline)

4. Report this situation to those responsible for the social network with the mechanisms provided by these platforms. You can send them the graphic evidence through mechanisms specifically designed for these claims.

5. If it is a fact that harms your image or honor, pedir no limits to the social network that removing material, denounces the situation in your nearest police station and later in the trial courts that correspondan.El use of social networks exposes us to threats or insults on these platforms. At the time in which to identify such a fact must take steps, both about the situation to those responsible for the platform and to the competent authorities to find and punish the culprits as soon as possible.

Source : delitosinformaticos.com y migliorisiabogados.com

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