What to do if you mistakenly included on a list of defaulters

Delinquent lists are used to include clients who have unpaid bills or have not paid any material. They are used to notify the "delinquent" and keep track of customers or users who have late payments.

derecho imagen Qué hacer si te incluyen por error en una lista de morosos

This is a situation which in itself is uncomfortable, because it causes a feeling of shame in the individual, but it can be even more so if the user inclusion in the list of defaulters It has been made in error.
Already there are several known cases of such errors, where users have been damaged. In the case of two clients of the Caja Rural de Canarias entity they were registered irregularly two credit worthiness registers where they are classified as "risk of default".
Both men took legal action against the entity that were resolved in your favor, considering that there was an unlawful interference in his honor, As they have been compensated with 6.000 euros each.
Reputation involved in this type of failure can be greatly damaged, so it is important to take all security measures to avoid the inclusion of error in this type of list.
Such errors can occur in various ways, such as by an error in the floor of a service is still happening bills to users and to not pay are passed to a register of debtors. It is actually quite common that an error of this type can lead to such a large consumer harm, so it is very important to know that there are tools that allow you to solve this problem.
Another typical case of this error is a deeper problem, as a phishing. A third person may have contracted a service with this company on our behalf without us knowing and have left a large debt now claimed by the company.
The first, is to talk with the company reporting that an error, It should be solved immediately and try to reach an agreement. Also, we can take legal action if we consider the damage that has been committed against us must be compensated.
The reputation of a person may be jeopardized in such cases, and therefore it is important to take measures to create necessary to solve it.

source: delitosinformaticos.com