derecho pena informatico

Derecho Informatico – Protecion Act Policy

LAW 25.326. Protection of Personal Data. (Includes items vetoed by Decree No. 955/2000 and amended by Laws 26.343 and 26.388).

Chapter I

General Provisions

Article 1.- (Object).

This law aims at comprehensive protection of personal data in files, records, databases, or other technical means of data processing, whether public, the private intended to give reports, to guarantee the right to honor and privacy of individuals, as well as access to information about them is recorded, pursuant to the provisions of Article 43, third paragraph of the Constitution. Continue reading

Derecho Informatico – Complaint against Google

The courts rejected the accusation against a former Google

Juan Manuel Valcarcel, former deputy and officer of the province of Buenos Aires, had initiated a lawsuit against the Google search engine because his name was linked to acts of corruption of which he was acquitted. Continue reading

Derecho informatico : precautionary measures against google

Innovative reject Injunction for Google No Release Information Concerning a Person

In the context of a habeas data against the company Google Argentina SRL, so that the erroneous information about a person is deleted, the Court of Appeals in Civil and Commercial Federal rejected the innovative measure sought by the plaintiff to the company is ordered to refrain from disseminating any information in your browser on your person. Continue reading