Online blackmail can be carried out by an individual person or by professional criminal organizations from the same country or from different points of the Earth. But in both cases it constitutes a crime and must be reported.
In recent years, online blackmail has become a resilient industry for professional criminal organizations, since it is a crime that is reported very little and earns a lot of money in a matter of minutes.
For that organization the unique target is money (different from revange porn), and it earns large sums per day.

They act from different parts of the world and are active 24 hours a day with a professional and systematic modus operandi operating as follows:


As a first step, the criminal organization creates different profiles of users in social networks; beautiful and very attractive women. Those who operate these profiles begin to search the web for men with different charateristics, gaining their trust quickly  so as to start a chat with high erotic content.
All begins with an exchange of private photographs or short video in which the victim gets undressed  in front of a web cam. The victim might go from a business person to the most enlightened academic, there is no pattern or profile of the type of victim demonstrating the high level of persuasion and professionalism of the criminal organization.
Once the communication is over, the offender returns to interact in a more hostile way. He shows him the video / photos that he took illegitimately demanding $500 aprox. so as not to disclose them among his contacts (that the criminal knows for having previously explored the profile of the victim).

They are required to make the payment in no more than 24 hours, to a certain account through well-known agencies in charge of sending money abroad.  Generally  the destination is the Ivory Coast, among others countries.
Needless to say that when the victim pays, the criminal network asks for more money, but it is also important to emphasize that the extortion has a very low rate of complaints worldwide.
Based on the shame or fear of spreading the material, people do not report and as a result the impunity of the criminal organizations enhances.
The fight against these crimes is unequal and the damage is eternal, because when a publication enters the cyberspace it is technically impossible to eliminate.
It can be de-indexed by asking the internet browsers to do it . Despite , the content can be republished by the same criminal or by third parties without links to the victim, only for the purpose of entertainment or to extend the portfolio of pages of sexual content.
Education is the basis of every society both, to grow and to prevent unfortunate events, such as those discussed in this article.


By Diego Migliorisi

Argentinian Lawyer

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