Las Leyes del Email Marketing

The marketing E-mail is the most effective way to reach your target audience. It is cheaper than other types of marketing, and allows you to approach a large number of consumers. Is estimated to be the most widely used method of advertising in the coming years.

Do you know the laws for e-mail marketing in force in the United States and other countries? It is very important that you are aware of them and take the time to learn this topic, before starting a marketing campaign. En la actualidad, 36 of the 50 States have special laws regarding the marketing tactics by e-mail. There are also laws in Europe, Australia y Asia.

It's a good idea to have a lawyer who specializes in these types of laws, to assist you and instruct you on your marketing campaigns. If you are a small business owner and are planning to go it alone, It is very important to be prevented to know how these laws can get to affect.

The CAN-SPAM Act was implemented in the United States to protect the privacy of consumers, 1 January 2004. CAN-SPAM is short for Controlling the Attack of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing. That prevents the use of an ambiguous "issue" in the header of an e-mail.

Traders are required to place their real email addresses in each e-mail.

Also in each mail a link to inform you that does not want to keep getting emails with your information.

The sender of the e-mail is, then, the obligation to delete it from your mailing list within 10 business days.

Any e-mail with sexual content, It must clearly express, so you can be identified before opening.

Traders must obtain permission from the consumer if you want to sell your e-mail.

Internet regulations are getting tough on employers who violate the law, as they are imposing heavy fines. In some cases, which sends e-mail marketing without respecting these laws, You can go to jail for up to five years.

These are so stringent regulations to protect Internet users and e-mail services, who feel their privacy has been violated because the e-mail will continue to arrive by the hundreds without being requested. As the use of e-mail marketing continues to grow, It is expected to put more regulations and controls increasingly.

Also, the business they continue to send such material to consumers who asked to be deleted from ready, they may decide to sue you and your company. As the owner of a business, this is to panic. However, the law also protects you.

You will not be responsible if a spammer used his business to cover their actions. You will not be responsible if a virus is found in your marketing campaign by e-mail, to the extent that you do not have put there deliberately, or knew that contained virus before sending.

The Association against Unsolicited E-mails is a non-profit organization to help consumers know what their rights, to stop illegal marketing practices by e-mail and to provide traders responses to your questions, before they start with such activities.

They also work with members of Congress to enact laws for the benefit of both: consumers and merchants. His website It is a good place to get information.


P. D.: The e-mail marketing is a great opportunity for your customers to remember and encourage them to make new purchases. It is very important that you comply with the laws and regulations that exist to protect consumers customers an illegitimate practice of marketing.

While many traders do what is due to meet laws, others do not respect. Some, simply they do not know these laws, so the break without even realizing they are doing.

Internet is a fantastic space to receive additional information about the illegal marketing by e-mail, as well as the laws of each country. Stay alert to any changes that occur in these laws. At this time there is no pending legislation.

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