China: The government comments on internet censorship

Internet Censorship china limpia comments in favor of Bo Xilai

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 | 11:48 at the

Censura china limpia Internet de comentarios a favor de Bo Xilai
Credits: AFP

The web Offbeat China stresses that the government allows comments to be published on the case are either attacks or political praise the Government.

Since the 18 August the trial was expected to Bo Xilai announced, Chinese authorities have allowed, after months of censorship as a taboo subject Aun, that internet forums and social networks to comment on the case, although pass the filter only those opinions against the fallen former communist leader.

The trial was announced in a microblog Sina Weibo (el chino equivalent to Twitter) by an account of the Court of Jinan specifically created for this news, and thousands of comments have been left in response, but against all Good, although for years was one of the country's most popular and charismatic political.

“Bo Xilai was a small Mussolini”, says it, for example, a popular Chinese blogger, who under the pseudonym “Master Skinflint” has more than one million followers.

“If Bo has committed the crimes he is accused (embezzlement, bribery and abuse of power) penalty must be strictly, because the judgment must stand the test of the people and history”, says another popular commentator on the network, writer and historian Lu Qi.

La web “Offbeat China”, that analyzes trends in the Chinese network, stresses that the government allows comments to be published on the case, after months in which there was almost total silence in the media, attacks are either Bo or praise the Government for judging a heavyweight national policy.

“Offbeat China” suspect that many commentators see post on the subject let repeated similar views on several occasions and in different forums, which shows some propaganda effort.

It treats could, stresses, the call “Internet Water Army”, named for Chinese users because “floods” networks with reviews almost always pro-government.

Despite the efforts of censorship, some commentators have been able to stop veiled criticism of the political system of the People's Republic, where they say corruption is the norm.