Keys to recognize a scam when renting apartments online

The real estate sector is also a favorable scenario for scams or frauds. With the proliferation of web portals dwelling, this type of crime are the order of the day. We teach you how to avoid holiday detecting a possible scam suspects.

The first thing you should raise the suspicion of fraudulent rent are the road conditions and their equivalence with the price we are asked. Many of these scams are hiding under a flat in very good condition, Centrally located with many services by asking a very small amount of money a month for lease. Per se, These ads should arouse suspicion, especially when compared to other listings of homes with similar characteristics. Distrust of holiday too low can help identify potential fraudsters.



keys on keyboard 300x200 Claves para reconocer una estafa en el alquiler de pisos por internet

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These fake landlords often allege personal situations unfavorable why rent the property, and they say that urges them to rent, so much lower price.



You should rely only on tenants that you get all your personal data. A trusted person will have no problem to give you a contact number so that you may remember economic conditions and will transmit any questions you may have. Scammers often use fake emails and are reluctant to provide personal information or contact number.


These "bargains" are usually few days published in the internet portals rental, to avoid being tracked. Try to locate their victims and then immediately remove the advertisement to avoid suspicion.


False tenants often claim not found in the city where rents the floor so as not to show it, and you claim a sum of money understood as bail to send you the keys through private companies transaction. Never send money to a stranger for a product that has not seen before, and always suspected landlords who do not want to show before the floor.


Course, if you're going to make any payment, do it via a secure transaction system that requires the recipient real personal data. Systems like Western Union are completely anonymous systems that make once we send the money as we can trace the scammer.


Where there are monetary transactions through, we must be very cautious and rely only on credible ads, containing personal information of tenants, and always meet in person the owner of the property before making any financial transaction. These simple precautions can help you avoid these scams proliferate while on the websites of real estate rental.

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