How to defend against cyber crime and cyber crime

Cybercrime, the cyber cybercrime are all those who use the networks to be committed, accessing the target of the crime using computers. Those who commit them are hackers (experts hacking) and they are called cybercriminals or cybercriminals.

computer fraud

They consist of using the networks to fraudulently obtain information from users that is then used in the commission of fraud.. For example, access one Amazon customer account and obtain purchase history to then offer the victim fraudulent products or services, or discover what kind of interest have someone to guide you to fake websites.

Theft and disclosure of trade secrets

Consists in access confidential information through email accounts or social networks or to obtain passwords and security keys to access that information.

blackmails, threats and cyberbullying

It happens a lot among young people, and consists of get personal information from the victim then threaten to use it against them if the victim does not agree to give the hacker what they ask for.

In recent years it has become popular cyberbullying for sexual purposes, in which the criminal usually gets tricked, compromised personal information or pictures of his victim and then ask for sex in exchange for not disseminate.


Phishing is the use of the network to obtain enough personal information from an Internet user to impersonate him. May the activities that will be done using the image or identity of another are completely legal, but impersonation is always illegal.

Hack security cameras and systems

Breaking into a home security system can be used to avoid being detected during a robbery, and also to learn the routines of a family, which it can be used for many criminal purposes.

Precautions against cyber crime

  • Protect our electronics debidamente.La most cybercrimes committed accessing the victim's electronic devices, either physically or remotely. Thats why he 90% attacks can be avoided if the initial access is avoided.
  • Put passwords: avoid using series of consecutive numbers, Birthday dates, etc., overall the best password is the weirdest possible. It's also good have different passwords for each device.
  • Zoom windows devices: if you have a computer in front of a window facing the street, is not only possible someone know that you have this device and can think of hacking, but the wireless network will be more accessible. This is especially important if you have appliances home automation control, as Amazon Echo o Google Home, that give access to the entire home security system.
  • Not stop moving, laptops or tablets within reach of others Unsupervised.

Avoid public connections

If you access public WiFi networks it's something you can't avoid, always try to verify that the network is what it seems. Some Hackers create wifi networks with names similar to those of public networks to mislead users. When the user connects to “Hotel Miramar 5G” instead of to “hotel Miramar”, for example, happens to share your data with a criminal who may take advantage of the opportunity to capture private information.

Keep private life private

The intense use of social networks has led many people to turn these platforms into an extension of their day to day. That makes you tend to upload photos and share personal information without thinking that many of our friends or followers are real unknown networks. The photo spread with little clothes on the beach in summer is a great example of this.

Therefore, must avoid giving many personal data (real names, age, addresses, phones…) and, course, not give any economic data. This point should also be taken into account when creating profiles on web pages, using remote control devices…

Separ personal information and labor

If you have job responsibilities involving handling company data, employee or confidential information, it's good not use mobile, tablet or personal computer to store such data. Usually it tends to protect less personal devices, and that can lead to problems with employment data.

Monitoring the activity of children in the network

Children are particularly vulnerable to certain types of attacks, so they must be protected, monitoring their activity and preventing them from engaging in risky behavior.


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