Sentenced to jail the owner of a cyber

Sentenced to one year in jail and a fine of 1.080 the owner of a Web page that included links to Download Software, Video, Movies.

Carlos Lopez has been sentenced to one year in prison and the payment of a fine 1.080 €uros for violating the copyright law to facilitate through its website, links to download movies, music, software y video game, along with providing means to bypass software protection programs and games, como Keywords, Series, Cracks, etc.. The judgment was given by the court of Criminal number 2 Vitoria, be a final and conclusive judgment.

"Through the website, is made available to users the means to obtain films, programs computer, games ... said Judge Victoria "

I think with new sentence is in addition to other 2 like that so far have been issued in Spain against website owners, is becoming clear that those days when you committed a "crime of possible copyright vulnerability" was the person downloading the movie, software o archivo, or the person or site that included such material or staying in their servers the websites.

Here we are only talking about the fact that a link to ANOTHER website that hosts these files (movies, software, Songs), already a crime. Because in the words of Judge,.. “offers users the means for obtaining the works,…“.

And although the particular have and have ALWAYS been against any illegal _why we never allowed illegal software, keys, cracks_, I do believe that this "new" approach is giving what is illegal or who commits an illegal act, in my opinion is moving away from the rational and MUCH. Why?.. In other words, and putting it in a very easy way to understand. If we translate this into our daily lives, means that if I know that in such and such corner is a person selling movies "pirates", would be committing an offense of imprisonment and a fine by just telling someone there is no other person who sells these movies. Since the understanding of a Judge, would be "facilitating the production of these works“.

Pero let's see,.. Where is the rationality of the label as a crime say which sells, obtain or download, u such a thing? How can it be that someone only limited to say or link, is guilty of an offense punishable equally to the person who takes over, sold and supplied the object may be violating some law?

Do not forget that the spirit of this great web of which we know as Internet Websites, is based on links. Links pointing to billions of sites, for, we are us, Internet users who decide what to see, read the download.

If you include links that point to other sites which are hosted and distributed other files that may violate any law, in this case copyright is a crime. Do not have to be the first to be sentenced large Web Search Engines that include on their sites billion links to sites where these files are housed?,.. Do not we would be providing download?

And though _I repeat_, I am very much against any violation or illegal act. I think things are very misguided, and that this act rather reflects a desperate attempt to curb the economic losses of the various sectors that have been affected (film, record, software and entertainment). Y in pursuing ocastigar al verdadero offender.

Do you share this thinking?,.. What do you think about it?,.. If they have a blog or website, no links will most?,..

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