Cybercrime. Responsibility Cyber ​​cafes and seekers

Por Dr. Diego F Migliorisi

The Argentina timidly advanced and regulations some crimes conducted using information technology and especially social networks, sanctioned by law 26388, but it is only the tip of a isberg within the range and the unstoppable advance of "cybercrime" .

In the absence of international conventions dealing with the merits make the investigation of a crime committed beyond borders and effects in the country , be slow and difficult to resolve, not possible, since they depend on the internal regulations of each country.

Current technology allows researchers to obtain information from the IP address of where the infraction was performed, country, city, ISP and of course the address of the subscriber, making a firm track in a research. But the problem arises when the crime is committed from Internet cafes, bars, offices the places that offer free wifi.

We asked, Who is the criminal charge? , in the absence of regulation at national level and background on these issues the "chaos theory" or the "information anarchy" premium on the rights of people enshrined in our Constitution " , as happens with the power of search engines amplificatorio about content on websites or blogs that channel cybercrime.

Countries like Spain, Paraguay, Bolivia, Angola and Mozambique are among those who have joined their criminal codes articulated on Cybercrime.

During 2013 present an ideal regulatory scheme on Cybercrime , responsibility for seekers and those indirectly guarantee impunity (wifi libre) cybercriminals. '





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