Derecho Informatico – Complaint against Google

The courts rejected the accusation against a former Google

Juan Manuel Valcarcel, former deputy and officer of the province of Buenos Aires, had initiated a lawsuit against the Google search engine because his name was linked to acts of corruption of which he was acquitted.

Meanwhile, the maids Alfredo Gusman, Ricardo Guarinoni y Santiago Kiernan, why they decided to give the Internet giant and ratified the exercise of freedom of expression.

Notably Valcarcel had claimed compensation for "damages" because it appeared in the pages of search engine emerged as "State fraudster" and "associated with corruption in Argentina".

The case faced by the former officer was referred to an alleged sale of goods to be solidarity and assistance. At that time, justice had pleaded not guilty to the charges weighing against.

Given the various positions, the judges decided to acquit the company due to Google, mainly, the character of a public official who held the petitioner at the time.

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