Real Estate Law

Property law is a specific branch of law comprised mostly for civil law, constitutional , attorney and accounting.

The study led by Dr. Diego F, Migliorisi with mas de 15 year career as a property manager and Migliorisi Corporate Migliorisi , makes an important contribution to the Argentine real estate law , being also , immobiliario broker registered and active member of the National Association of Realtor of United States of America.

Property law specialization emerges as the effects get customers who come to our services may enter into contracts or private instruments ( preliminary sales , locations, Mutual , Conventions, authorizations, resciones , etc.) with greater assurance either the stage prior to the signing , during execution or at the time of resolution either by performance or nonperformance .

What is important in cases evaluating risks and benefits of each tool to sign without letting the burocración is an obstacle in the business relationship.
A previous diagnosis of each operation is critical to advancing safe and of course to firmly defend their rights after.