Arrested a pederast with 846.500 videos of minors

In the seized files appeared minors, under many 13 years old

They were victims of physical and sexual violence, eg zoophilic and sadomasochistic practices

A collection formed by 846.500 videos and a manual to look younger and abuse them without getting caught is the enormous material seized by the Guardia Civil to a resident of Madrid, who is accused of possessing and distributing child pornography on the Internet.

As reported yesterday by the Guardia Civil, the man, Natural Valladolid, but living in the capital, had videos that he saw even under age below 13 years. Victims suffered physical and sexual violence and sometimes had to endure sexual practices bestiality and sadomasochism.

An information submitted by the Department of Homeland Security United States (Homeland Security) warned that some Spanish surfer was exchanging via e-mail videos and photos under 13 years in which abuses are appreciated, abuses and violations. The agents were able to identify the alleged perpetrator of exchanges and searched their homes in Madrid and Valladolid. There he intervened multiple computing devices with pedophile, multiple hard drives, a laptop and an ordered collection of 68 DVD.

Among his belongings was found, also, manual 170 pages, written in English, with tips to abuse children without being discovered.


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