The study

Migliorisi Abogados, is a privately held firm located in the heart of Buenos Aires , dirigida por el Doctor Diego Fernando Migliorisi.
The study has prestigious professional partners specialized in the various branches of the Argentine law and civil law, real-estate, comparative law and IT law.

Migliorisi lawyers provides comprehensive services in each of the areas of practice that develops, understanding from previous and preventive counseling, to the defense in court proceedings in civil matters , comercial and IT.

. We have established a close collaboration with legal experts and renowned professionals to ensure, in all areas of practice, the level of expertise that our customers require. I.

The study also is dedicated to the analysis and a R of civil and criminal law compared to countries worldwide.

Legal advice and cooperation with auditors, tax advisors, scribes, industrial property agents, business consultants, architects,Real Estate Brokers, banks and insurance companies allow the study have important tools to offer customers global solutions economically reasonable.

The study Migliorisi Attorneys maintains written correspondence professional and has bargaining power in Spanish, English, French , Portuguese and Chinese . Also, maintains professional relationships with Attorneys studies in different countries of the world.