Spain: Report threats online is easier than you think

Many times we have talked about various crimes through the network, but sometimes readers do not know how to defend against these attacks. Today we want to talk about that report the facts is a simple procedure and there are several ways to do to facilitate the process.

If you are harassed by Internet, social networks, Whatsapp or any other means, you should know that are criminal behavior and can be reported. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to these practices, and constantly using new technologies, so that adult supervision is essential to prevent these acts. It is not recommended constant supervision, Doing so may cause problems with children, but to educate on prevention and above all convey confidence to, if they are victims of a situation of this, they can report it. When prevention can not have its effect, it is best to report as soon as possible.

If the harassment or threats come from social networks, we know that the platforms themselves have locking mechanisms or deleting contacts that can allow not to put us through these channels. However, This is not an official complaint, because only help us that they could not turn to write.

If this is not enough, Telematics Group Crimes of the Civil Guard offers an online service contacts for reporting these specific situations. The form may be submitted to the Civil Guard from the network only facilitating an email or an email. They can then contact the victim as soon as possible. We can also complete formal complaint directly then we deliver fitness in an office.

Many believe that the obligation to submit the complaint in person can roll back some teenagers do not want to tell what is going to an adult or the Civil Guard, so sometimes they hide. For this reason it is so important prevention and building trust in the family, that allow minors to alert an adult when passing.

However, the Interior Ministry said that the DNI 3.0 we will present and sign a complaint without personarnos in a police station, which undoubtedly expedite the processing especially for young people such situations. Expected to be a big step in this direction.

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