Honduras: 500 Children are judged every year for different offenses

Criminal gangs use children as tools to commit crimes because they have no legal responsibility, so said the prosecutor Children of Honduras, Diana Elvir. Punishable age children in this country is 12 a 18 years old, so some seek the maximum is reduced to 16.

On average, 500 Children are charged in competent courts each year for crimes, according to figures provided by the Office of the Children. The holder of that judicial body, Diana Elvir, explained that minors are often used as instruments for having no criminal liability.

Penalties for minors may reach a maximum of eight years and be applied only to those who have aged 12 and 18. In this regard, stressed that agencies Efforts have been made to reduce the criminal age 18 a 16, responsible to be brought to justice as an adult.

However, the fiscal considers this reducing the criminal age is not the solution to the situation of violence occurring in the country, as most offenders 18 years committed illegal acts long before.

“Attempts have been made in the country to reduce the criminal age, but there are those obstacles that international treaties and conventions, and while we have force in Honduras, We can not make any changes in that regard”, explained.

Regarding murder of four children on Sunday, the prosecutor stated that several hypotheses are handled, including, that the murder was the result of conflict between two criminal gangs. Another, concerns that children could have refused to be part of one of the criminal gangs, seeking the involvement of children because they have no legal responsibility and may go unnoticed to carry drugs or other cargo.

A wave of violence affects children in Honduras, for in the last four years killed 500 the formation of strong. The country is shocked by the murder of four brothers with machetes ages 18 months 13 age, have also expressed their opposition to the event via social media with the tag #HondurasConLosNiños.



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