Russia : Legislators conservative attacks Maestras 'sexy'

23 September 2013 RIA Novosti

As part of a new regulatory initiative dress, Russian lawmakers seek to prevent teachers wear miniskirts and plunging necklines
Legislators conservative attacks Maestras 'sexy'
It tries to avoid wearing miniskirts and plunging necklines during working hours. Source: Alamy / Legion Media

Russian lawmakers concerned about the effect on students 'overt sexuality' some teachers are developing a formal code of behavior and dress for schools by which prohibit miniskirts and plunging necklines, a Russian newspaper reported on Monday.

The dress code, devised by two committees of the State Duma, the lower house of Russian parliament, including recommendations for students and teachers, the newspaper reported Izvestia.

Several bills on the reintroduction of school uniformsalready been submitted to the Duma after a series of disputes between students and regional education officials regarding the bear symbolism of religious affiliation, as the Islamic headscarf or hijab, in schools and universities.

The mandatory school uniforms were abolished in Russia in 1992.

A legislator of the majority party in parliament, United Russia, working for the Duma committee specialized in family matters, claimed that there had been a decline in moral standards within schools, even some teachers who work in strip clubs and advertise sexual services online.

"The pedagogues are allowed to wear a 'overt sexuality' and obtained parallel jobs in strip clubs or offer sexual services online", as Yelena Senatorova. "This is unacceptable, since we are entering the school uniform for kids ".

The dress code will not establish the use of uniforms by teachers, aunque prohibit short skirts impropiamente, rill sight and excessive makeup, Explain the newspaper Senatorova.

An employee of a public school in the city of Yaroslavl, on the Volga River, worked in a cabaret, and Chemistry teacher, city ​​of Togliatti, was fined for running a brothel in his apartment, employees whose was a girl 17 years old, the newspaper reported Komsomolskaya Pravda on April 2009. Both complained of low wages in educational positions, the paper added.

In the first quarter of 2013, the average salary of a teacher in Russia was 26.000 rubles per month (785 dollars), to the Ministry of Education and Science in April.

The moral code proposed also include recommendations regarding the interaction between teachers and students, other legislator told Izvestia. The code is "necessary, taking into account the current level of morality in schools ", Nadezhda according Shaidenko.

Los deputies reported in the Izvestia if the code contained recommendations for male teachers.

No legislature was available for comment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly expressed support for the reintroduction of uniforms in Russian schools, in a question and answer session last 25 April.

In early July, Russia's Supreme Court upheld a ban on carrying Islamic veils at a school in southern Russia and determined that the ban did not violate religious freedom or the right to education of Muslim schoolgirls. Also, determined that each school has the right to decide what may or may not wear their students.

The ban on Islamic headscarves or hijabs for children in the southern Stavropol region came into force last September after local authorities they issue a provision requiring school children wear uniforms.

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