Multan to Google and Yahoo because a model appears in pornographic sites- Diario La Nacion-

The Buenos Aires Civil Appeals upheld the sanction against search engines for breach of a court order in the case of Mariana Arias

The Civil Court confirmed that seekersInternet Google and Yahoo will have to pay a fine for having linking the name of the model Mariana Arias pornographic sites in breach of an injunction, from the 8 October 2011 until 15 May 2013.

Google “He repeatedly refused to strictly comply with the injunction decreed”, Sebastian warned the maids Picasso, Liliana Abreut de Begher y Claudio Kiper, H of the Buenos Aires courtroom appeals.

So it became final “generated fine for breach of a court order” that “results in a financial penalty of a procedural nature which has its origin in contempt of the addressee of the measure to withstand a court decision”. Google had appealed the sanction was now confirmed.

The injunction had been ordered “suspension linkage” name Arias pornographic sites. “Pretending that the amount settled by the fine relates to the amount awarded for non-pecuniary damage would benefit the appellant that his own conduct I revealed a total disregard for judicial decisions and therefore motivated the penalty”, considered failure.

Following the broadcast of the fault, THE NATION he contacted both companies for comment on the court decision. “We do not make comments on legal actions are still pending. However, We are very pleased with the process, and waiting for a favorable decision of the Court”, Yahoo noted authorities on the subject of reference. Meanwhile, Google is not expressed on resolution..