New Texas law could punish those who defend the Bible


EE.UU.- The City Council of San Antonio, Texas, is reviewing a proposal that could create a dangerous political precedent in which It was the largest Christian country in the world“. The Council, is studying a bill which can discriminate and punish those who believe the Bible.

The proposal is entitled “against prejudice” and the main theme is the punishment for those who publicly express any form of prejudice. This includes also any action against homosexuals, that would be a problem for those who defend the Bible.

The Christians of the city and mobilize, because according to the reported content of the new law, says that anyone who is part of this legislation NO can, for example, participate in city government.

The text of the law says: “No person may be appointed to an office or have a contractual relationship, if the city understands that person has been devoted to discrimination or prejudice, demonstrated by the action word, against any person, group organization u, either race, color, religion, national origin, sex,sexual orientation, gender identity, health condition, edad the disability “.

Namely, if a Christian says in a pulpit, in a radio or TV or any media that homosexuality is a sin condemned by God, This person may respond in court. Just simply say that a gay was offended and can open a process alleging prejudice “sexual orientation”. Also prevent a committed Christian can take any public office in the city, either as advisor (counselor), mayor, judge, Tax something less important. This would include people who do business or serving the town.

Opponents of the project, mostly church leaders City, argue that the proposal violates the rights to freedom of religion, freedom of expression, as well as is contrary to the Constitution of the State of Texas.

Rev. Charles Flowers, de la Iglesia Faith Outreach, is one of the leaders of the movement tries to stop the vote, according to OneNewsNow website that the concept of “prejudice” is too broad and “It can mean anything”. El pastor Steve, the Iglesia Bautista a Village Parkway, says “Christian public city workers will be very concerned with this“.

The project will be voted on next month, as published in the City of San Antonio. AcontecerCristiano.Net

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