Reveals crime statistics in Los Angeles (

The figures cover the first 6 months 2014

Crime in the city has declined in all categories.

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and the head of the police department of Los Angeles (LAPD), Charlie Beck, were announced this morning las estadísticas sobre delitos correspondientes al primer semestre del 2014.

According to the data provided, the crime rate, including those related togang activities, have declined over the first half of last year. Solo the category of aggravated assault experience an increase of a 12 percent compared to the first six months of last year. Eso incluye los killings por crímenes violentos, which increased by 2.9 percent.

"The include aggravated assaults and homicides and shootings are very concerned with this trend", dijo Beck. “With the arrival of summer we see an increase in this type of crime”, añadió Beck, stressing that his department will continue vigilant to this fact.

Garcetti destaco que the city of Los Angeles is safer now from 1949.

"The crime dropped in every category compared to the previous year”, dijo Garcetti, listing the indices for each category. “As mayor I promise to never be satisfied with public safety”, added.

Garcetti said, citywide, considered Part I crimes decreased 5.4 percent while those against the properties have fallen by 7 percent. The robberies or thefts decreased 5 percent.

The thefts have decreased 5.7 percent, assaults experienced a decrease of 14.6 por ciento mientras que vehicle thefts cayeron un 7 percent.

Security is related to statistics but, most importantly, is related to people”, dijo Garcetti. "Is this related to the feelings we have about the relationships we have to reduce crime in Los Angeles".

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