Upload videos to internet, a double-edged

Probably our hero no longer subtracted eager to share their misdeeds online since, Thanks to this and to citizen collaboration, now faces a lack of unjust harassment and possible criminal injuries after being dealt a brutal kick to a girl, having recorded his act and I have shared in social networks.

The young 24 years that meets the MGM initial and assaulted a girl in Barcelona Avenida Diagonal already been identified and located in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) and this has been possible thanks to the diffusion itself that the alleged perpetrator of the recorded video made online collaboration and citizen.

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The events date back to Sunday 22 February when our hero traveled to Barcelona with some friends to spend the weekend. It was then that, while one of them filming the sequence, He delivered a brutal kick to a girl waiting at traffic lights. Then he spread his "heroic" act by social networks yet, it was not until the moment when the video became viral and began to arouse contempt users when the victim decided to denounce a week later.

M.G.M. would then erase your internet traces and proceeded to remove their profiles on popular social networks like FaceBook Instagram but by then it was too late and his fate was missed. Thousands of Internet, indignados, had viewed the video and some of them had also recognized him.

So, Technology Research Unit, with the invaluable cooperation of citizens, He was finally able to identify and locate the perpetrator who has already testified Commissariat of National Police Talavera de la Reina and accused been released with charges, for the time being, a lack of unnecessary harassment.

This story illustrates the effects it can have the rise of certain videos to internet because thanks to this desire for prominence, the girl finally decided to denounce and also thanks to the images, the perpetrator could be identified.