Simple Tips on basic computer security

Simple Tips on basic computer security

Computer security has become an issue of great importance, whether it is operated with an intelligent mobile, a computer, a laptop or play from one console, since there is a high incidence of threats that can undermine our security while connected to the Internet.

This forces necessary to follow some simple and effective recommendations that will allow us to have greater protection against cyber criminals who use the Internet as a means to commit their crimes; then we leave some simple basic tips on computer security that will allow us to be more protected against threats of data theft, fraud , among many others.

Create and maintain a good password management

Theft or access to passwords is one of the threats to computer security to which is exposed on a daily basis; criminals take advantage of the facilities offered many users create passwords that do not meet minimum safety standards, as a simple password is easy to discover or to break.

So it is necessary to maintain good password management, avoiding use very simple passwords created with personal data or using the same password for all sites; Furthermore it is necessary to periodically change the keys.

These keys are considered safer which include, numbers, capital letters, lowercase and special characters, which it makes it more difficult to discover or break, of course you have to know that when this type of key used must have a password manager (as the software Keepass, for example) or save them in a physical medium.

Avoid making transactions using Wi - Fi in public places

Free public connections attract many users, but also they attract many criminals who see in them the possibility of obtaining personal data and passwords potential victims, a method which is well known, however people are exposed to it constantly.

Therefore one of the recommendations of basic computer security is to use public Wi-Fi for simple inquiries or visiting websites where necessary include personal data, banking or any password, This prevents that computer criminals can obtain valuable personal data.

However we must recognize that there are people who do not consider this recommendation and become victims of cybercriminals.

Keeping the basic software

One of the vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are more exploit security holes in operating systems, at both computers and mobile, many users do not update the basic functionality of their equipment, especially operating systems, without considering that they can be an easy target to be victims of a computer crime.

Keep updated the basic software is most recommended, and the opportunity to generate security breaches in which malicious software can act allowing extract personal information is minimized, or confidential bank that can be used for illegal purposes.

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Diego Migliorisi

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