And the most common computer crimes are ...


And the most common computer crimes are ...

With the passage of time changes everything, even cybercrime. Since attacks are far annoying ex workers, massive drop in films from the office or service attacks that starred incidences in 2004.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Portal has looked back to remind us what were 2004 major offenses, while pointing the most common today.

According to his data, libel and slander on the Internet and phishing are the most common today. De facto, identity theft and fraud is the crime that has grown in recent years. So, of the 42.437 computer crimes that occurred in 2013 more than half were categorized as fraud or scams.

cibercrimenAccording to the specialized legal information portal on Internet and New Technologies, the reason for this increase is that cybercriminals have refined their methods of operation, dramatically improving the simulation of the websites of banks or messages sent to victims to capture their bank passwords.

Also, fraud It has also extended thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices, achieving even modify the phone number associated with the bank account to receive transfer authorizations. According to their figures, over 20% of mobile users in Spain has suffered a fraud in the last year.

Regarding threats, libel, what has changed is the place. If previously performed in forums, by email, SMS o chat, now been extended to social networks, como Twitter o Facebook. Specifically, in 2013, Police recorded 11.000 threats.

Meanwhile, to look back, little remains of the crimes of ten years. For example, among the most common were relative to the damage to the computer system of companies caused by former employees after being dismissed.

Were also frequent damage Denial of Service (the call DDos attack), the Domain theft, crimes associated with the allowed to access the server business to "download" movies, thecomplaints webmasters by messages posted on their forums or installing software on business without a license.

On the other hand, began to be very widespread complaints against telephone companies, by improper charges or delays in the provision of services (especially in the internet facility). Also, theplagiarism from web pages gave rise to a multitude of requirements and demands for infringement of the right to intellectual property.