In the case of SEXTORTION, Mobile is always an interest in most economic cases in exchange for not publishing intimate pictures or videos, a diferencia de la Porn Revange cuyo objetivo no es el dinero sino producir daño en la reputación on line. Este hecho delictivo puede ser ejecutado por personas individuales o por organizaciones criminales a nivel local o desde cualquier parte del mundo.

In these cases the extortionist can reach the inner material variety of ways: the most common is that there has been as spoiled, as in the case of revenge porn offender may be a former partner, a third party who accesses a computer or mobile phone or individuals who intend to carry out the practice known Sexting illegally through webcam.

Regarding the latter mode there are international criminal organizations with a million dollar turnover dedicated exclusively to SEXTORTION.

They operate from various parts of the world and are active the 24 hours a day with a professional and systematic modus operandi operate as follows:

In the first step, la red criminal, create different user profiles in social networks, women beautiful and very attractive. Quienes operan esos perfiles comienzan a buscar en los web hombres de diferentes características para lograr tener una rápida afinidad y comenzar un chat de alto contenido erótico, exchange of intimate photographs, the victim to undress in front of the web cam.

A victim can be a seller from a trade to more enlightened academic, no specific pattern or profile of the victim. Esto demuestra el alto nivel de persuasión y profesionalismo de la organización criminal.

As a last step or communication ends well, the offender returns to interact more hostile form. Video Shows / I take pictures illegitimately demanding about $ S 500 no entity to disclose contacts (the criminal known for having previously explored in the profile of the victim). They required that the payment be made in no more than 24 hours to a particular account (surely a prestanombre) by known agencies sending money abroad whose fate, in most cases it is Ivory Coast, among other countries.

Needless to say that when the victim pays, the criminal network asks for more money, but it is also important to note that extortion has a very low rate of complaints worldwide. It will shame, will for fear of spreading the material or distrust that can be investigated by low international collaboration., agigantando the dark figure of crime and enhancing the impunity of criminal organizations.

The fight against these crimes is uneven and damage is eternal, because when a publication enters cyberspace is technically impossible to remove. You can index the link des seekers, ask some sites that eliminate, but the reality is that as deleted, may be republished by the same criminal or third parties without ties to the victim only for purposes of amusement or to expand the portfolio of sexual content pages.

Definitely, not to be a victim and not take any risks it is best to avoid videotaped or photographed in intimate situations because that material can be a headache for the protagonist and in these times where information on the web flows as an open and Close eye.

Who decides to make these practices should know the risk and try to avoid making internal footage through the web, let alone with strangers because it can be a criminal organization.

Education is the foundation of every society both to grow and to be prevented from unfortunate events such as those discussed in this article.

By Dr. Diego Migliorisi

Lawyer specializing in computer crime and high technologies

Master en comunicación política

Founder of the Association for the Fight Against Cybercrime

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